How To Start An Internet Home Business With Or Without A Website

Many people are of the opinion that you need to have a website built, that is full of products to sell in order to make money when starting your Internet home business. But that is not the case, you can actually start your Internet home business without a website, but it’s always a better idea to have your own website if you are looking to earn residual income into the unforeseeable future and that is exactly what I’ll teach you today.

Internet home businesses can take many forms, from selling other peoples products on your own website or on their custom built website, selling other peoples products by promoting or advertising their products and sending people to their website to purchase these products or selling products on your own website, which also involves selling on a website, but which is pre-built for you to customise and call your own. There are so many of such websites available these days, the problem though, is finding the right one which can make you money and from which you can earn residual income over a long period of time, as this is what having an internet home business is all about.

Affiliate programs are a great way to start off without a website, you sign up as a reseller to promote a product or service through your unique affiliate link assigned to you by the affiliate program, and you earn money by sending customers to this unique affiliate link. A good way to do this, is to get a domain name that redirects to your affiliate link, it makes you look professional, as affiliate links are most of the time too long and can easily make potential customers suspicious. A domain name is your own unique presence on the Internet like or For $3.99 you can get a domain name at, you don’t have to use this if you’ll get a cheaper alternative, I have used them for a very long time and that’s why I recommend them, and unlike most other companies, they’ll allow you to redirect your domain name to your affiliate link for free.

Paid surveys are also another way to make money online without a website, you get paid by various companies to take a survey of your opinions about an idea, products or services that are about to be released or existing products or services that need to be improved. You’ve got to do a little research on the company you are dealing with, as paid surveys are subject to frauds and scams these days with various individuals and companies signing you up to take surveys and promising to pay you large sums of money, but never do.

Like any other business, your Internet home business should last you into the unforeseeable future. To be able to do this, you need to build a website or have it built if you don’t have the technical know how. Ready-made Internet home business websites are the best alternative to having your own website if you can’t afford to have one built or don’t have the necessary skills to do this yourself. They are cheap and the very good ones come pre-configured with different streams of automated residual income.

The increase in ready made websites has escalated over the years, and it is really difficult finding one that does exactly as it says, that is, make you money. I have had many of my newsletter subscribers, email me wanting to know if these ready made websites are any good, and the fact that having so many of the same kind of websites around, would put potential customers off, buying from you.